Petra bola veľmi profesionálna, no zároveň ľudská a tým je jej prístup pri organizovaní svadby nevyhnutnosťou pre každú nevestu.

Vedela ma vždy vypočuť, upokojiť, poradiť a každú moju ľahkú či ťažšiu paniku so mnou rozdebatovala. Zabezpečila úplne všetko, čo som potrebovala vybaviť. A úplným vrcholom bolo, keď  vyzdobila stoly, prístrešky a aj obradný "kostol" (mali sme outdoor svadbu, kedy lialo celý deň) tak, že som bola šťastná, že prší a nemám svadbu na holej lúke ale v nádhernom zeleno-bielom priestore ako z najkrašej predstavy! Manžel bol spokojný, že som spokojná ja a to len vďaka Petre, preto ju odporúča aj on :)

Kristína a Dušan

We chose Barcelona as the destination because it's where we got engaged, but neither of us knew where to start when it came to planning the Big Day. Enter Petra and Laura, the superb team who helped us plan every detail to perfection, from start to finish. 

Throughout the months leading up to the Big Day, they guided us through the process brilliantly, ensuring we were keeping on track without it ever becoming stressful. They answered our (what was probably 100s of) questions, they gave us great recommendations and advice, and they were always positive and helpful.

It was also really great to see Petra negotiating with suppliers on our behalf, always trying to get the best deal.

On the day itself, we couldn't have asked for anything more from them. Laura and Petra handled every aspect of the logistics, being ever-present but in a quiet and reassuring way. Whatever we wanted, they helped us; whenever we had a question to ask, one of them would be there to help. 


The wedding was everything we wanted - a perfect venue, out-of-this-world food, first-class entertainment and truly beautiful decoration. Petra, Laura and Reviva were a huge part of making that happen, and we're so grateful to them. They made us feel so looked after, and like we were friends of theirs getting married, not just clients. We couldn't recommend them more highly.

Matt a Jason

We'd really like to thank Petra for helping to organise and run our dream wedding. 

We were not the easiest clients with our never-ending demands but Petra always made everything seem so effortless and was always fully prepared, professional and organised. Once, she even picked up our cakes for tasting and kept them for us until we came back from a trip. Amazing lady!
On the wedding day she was sure to make herself always available to us and all our guests despite the fact that she was also running around making sure that everything goes smooth. I really can't imagine what it would've been like without her.

A big big thank you guys for making our wedding everything that we wanted it to be! <3

Aselya a Michal

The decor was fabulous and you really made my vision come to life in the best possible way. Words cannot fully express the immense gratitude we have for you guys for making our day exceptional. 


Petra, you are one of  the hardest workers I know. You're somewhat of a perfectionist like I am and because of this we were aligned on almost everything. I will miss our Skype calls!! 


The overall decor and table settings were so perfect, you guys were truly outstanding. All your suggestions were the little details that made everything come together. 


Also the coordination on the day of and beforehand was exceptional. Petra, thank you for putting up with my many demands and requests!! 

We have recommended you to all our friends as the service from start to finish was not only professional but also well in line with my vision for the wedding. 

Just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work and for making our special day a great success :)

Kareemah a Ioulian

Petra Espaulella was our wedding planner for our wedding in Spain in June 2015.  We definitely would recommend Petra and Reviva to anyone. Nothing was too much trouble for Petra - she was very thorough and detailed, calm, efficient, enthusiastic and very accommodating.  We always felt we were in great hands and everything was under control.   Of all the things we spent on for our wedding, having a full service wedding coordination from Reviva was money best spent!  Petra definitely contributed to a truly magical day - a sentiment felt not only by us, but by all our families and friends!  There was not a single glitch, so even on the day, we both felt calm and no last minute nerves.  The day turned out incredibly perfect and was the most memorable day of our lives. Thanks again Petra!

Maui a Tom


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